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>You are my Path, and you're always gonna be my path
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I’m leaving right now for 3 weeks and i wanted to say goodbye!! I’m going to a summer camp as a leader camp, i went last summer too and i had the BEST timee!!
I’m gonna miss you a lot!!
See you soon!


525,600 minutes.

How do you measure, measure a year?

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The Orphan Black Cast on Tatiana Maslany
↳ Tatiana’s dedication, strength, spunk, friendliness and professionalism have infused the entire crew with a love for the show and a standard of working. She knows everyone’s names, says hello to everyone regardless of where they are on the so-called totem pole, is always kind regardless of how exhausted she is…and has garnered so much respect from everyone. It’s really special, and she is really special. – Kathryn Alexandre



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If you ever feel bad about mistakes you’ve made just remember the original drummer for Green Day left the band to go to college

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i may be ugly and annoying but at least i don’t have a selfie of me as my phones background

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#Ever notice that Lydia can’t seem to keep eye contact with Stiles when she starts to feels things for him??  (◕‿-)

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#if you die i will literally go out of my freaking mind

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Teen Wolf - Season 4

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I’ve been waiting so long to find this.


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