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>What you and i have makes me free
>You are my Path, and you're always gonna be my path
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do you ever just “oh shit it’s 3am”

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w h a t d o y o u h e a r ?

the key

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cinematic masterpiece

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well if that isn’t the greatest headline you’ve ever seen (story here)


suddenly it’s 2009

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Dylan O’Brien for Greg Williams’ The Maze Runner Photoshoot

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shoutout to jordan parrish for never meeting allison but talking about her more than anyone else lmao

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I have nothing left

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Gifs fresquitos para el veranito #cuoregifs


▷  m i c k e y    m i l k o v i c h   +   actions speak louder than words

Not everybody gets to just… not everybody just gets to blurt out how they fucking feel every minute. 

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